Florin – Romania 2015
Men talking with beer
consulting with beer – Romania 2015
Camping at Grandma
Camping in Grandma´s garden – Romania 2015
shooping for the meal – corse 2015
3 women generation
We are welcome – Romania 2015
Meeting Ron (✝2014) – Latvia 2014
cheery farmer
very friendly italian cherry farmer – Italy 2016
Di Stefano
camping by a great farmer south Italy – Italy 2016
Garage Austria
helpful garage owner lower austria – Austria 2012
beekeeper in the mountains – Romania 2015
Stan warmshowers
warmshower host Stan from Tallin – baltic states 2014
Latvia Buksa
very nice family in latvia – baltic states 2014
Estonia Couple
helpfull couple from estonia at heavy raining evening – baltic states 2014
Farmer Romania
camping by a farmer familiy – romania 2015
2 Guys from Sulmona
two guys from sulmona – italy 2016
elder men italy
two elder man near castel del monte – italy 2016
Sigrit estonia
warmshowers host near Otepää – estonia 2014
Pierluigi and Sonia
warmshower couple Perugia – italy 2016
Florin and Mihal
Florin and Mihal on a trip through her country – Romania 2015
Olympia near from Plopis – Romania 2015
Katharina at Rohita
Katharina in Rohita – Romania 2015
Icecreme man
icecremer man gave us ice creme – Romania 2015
Family before Transfagarasan
they were just moving in their new house and let us camp there – Romania 2015
Silviu in Timisoara
warmshower host Silviu from Timisoara – Romania 2015
Ron with bike
Ron (✝2014) was a cool old man – Latvia 2014
3 Guys Klaipeda
3 guys from a bicycle garage in Klaipeda – Lithuania 2014
Andy Spacey
Andy contacted us at the algarve – Portugal 2013
Horia Cismas
Horia in Viscri. He was very friendly and helpful – Romania 2015
Monia and Christian
Monia and Christian. They helped us so much. – Italy 2016
Cecilia Paduana and family
Cecilia and her family. It was a so good time there. – Italy 2016
Ödi Grafenrheinfeld
curious man Grafenrheinfeld – Italy 2016
Bike builder romania
man with little bike manufaktory in Timisoara – Romania 2015
invitation for a espresso – italy 2016
Bike mancanics
helpfully mecanic is hearing for a noise – Italy 2016