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Velocity USA

Velocity USA

  • This company does not only supply good rims, they also offer an excellent service. They are uncomplicated and you have one person in charge who takes care of your issues from beginning to end. Only the time difference between USA and Europe can be disruptive in some cases.
  • In detail:
  • 2015 Romania. The front rim showed to dents. Probably the tyre pressure was to high. We rode the Velocity Aeroheat, 26″, 40 holes (Aeroheat) with a Conti Travel Contact, 26×1.75, pressure: 5 bar. Velocity said, that the tyre is too wide for this rim. We had to change the rim in Brasov. As the store did not have a 40-hole-rim we needed to take out the SON-dynamo. The rim did not make a very sturdy impression, unfortunately the bikestore did not sell Velocity rims.
  • Back home we contacted Velocity to find out the reason for the dents in the Aeroheat rim. As we disposed the faulty rim in Romania it was difficult for them to give an answer. Instead we were offerd a new Atlas rim (Atlas 26). We just had to send in our SON- dynamo and they shipped back a complet new wheel foc. We were very impressed. Thanks a lot! By the way, we still use the rim on the bike.
  • 2016 Italy
  • In the middle of Tuscany we detected a long cut in our back wheel rim (Mavic A 721). We have no idea how this occured. Maybe just a fatigue of material, as we had bought a used tandem without knowing how much kilometers the rim already had made. As we could not get a fitting rim in Italy, we decided to order directly from the manufacturer Velocity USA. Of course we wanted another Altlas rim, knowing how good it runs on our tandem. They assured us, that the part would be in Italy within 3 days. The Express-shipping was not cheap (130 €) but we needed the rim as we had to move on.
  • Due to the customs in Italy who were not able to tell us, that they needed a domestic tax number and a non exsisting customer service from the parcel service FedEx in Italy we had to wait several days more before we received the rim. The guys from Velocity did what they could to help. And they reimbursed the shipping expenses as compensation for the trouble we had. Well, the supplier was in charge of the transport, so you could think, it was their due, but after all we appreciate their goodwill.
  • We learned for the future that it is probably better to have spare parts sent to the address of the shipment company in the country. If you collect the parts there you can easily deal with customs formalities there.
  • Now we are fully equipeed with Velocity rims (Atlas 26). We are positive that these rims will serve us well and we will stick to the brand.
  • We would like to point out that we are not sponsored by Velocity and have no obligations toward them. We just think the guys do a great job.
  • Edelrid cooker

    Edelrid cooker

  • We bought the Edelrid “Hexon” multifuel cooker in order to combine it with our Trangia cooker set. In Corsica we faced the problem that the nozzle permanently clogged, even after having cleaned it on a daily basis. Back home we had to send the Hexon to our dealer who sent it further to the manufacturer Edelrid. Some weeks later we got the cooker back with new nozzles. As we did not spot the difference, we called the customer service at Edelrid. They explained that the nozzle had been amended as our problem was known at the factory. Why the dealers still sold the cooker with the old, faulty nozzle, we could not find out. Although the process of the complaint had been some kind of complicated, we are quite happy with the technical support we got from Edelrid.
  • But we still are not totally happy with the cooker itself. Despite the new, better nozzle, we still have to clean the cooker daily, as we use it for breakfast and dinner. So if anyone knowa about the ultimate multifuel cooker, we would very much appreciate a hint. Maybe we try gas on the next trip, provided we can get it wherever our route may take us.
    Globetrotter Ausrüstung

    Globetrotter Ausrüstung

    Our Hilleberg Keron IV tent is about 20 years old and used quite often during that long time. Globetrotter Ausrüstung, a German retailer for outdoor equipment with several stores and an online shop, offers to check tents wether they are waterproof. We sent them the tent and got it back with the note that everything is OK and there was no need to repair anything. Of course we had to pay a fee for this service, but we think, that Globetrotter acts very fair not forcing us to have anything being done on a product that may be outdated but is still in good shape. Have you ever tried this with your local garage?


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