Tool kit Alien II, tyre-levers, spoke wrench, Tiptop puncture repair kit

Tool kit Alien II, tyre-levers, spoke wrench, Tiptop puncture repair kit

  • Basic repair kit, which is always on board: Alien II, tyre-levers (blue), spoke wrench (red), Tiptop puncture repair kit, bag for the Alien
  • Top Features of the Topeak Alien II, 26 Function Multi Tool
    • 26 tools fold into an engineering-grade plastic body for easy carrying
    • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8mm Allen wrenches
    • 8, 9 & 10mm hex bolt wrenches (each 2pcs)
    • Mini pedal wrench
    • Phillips and flat screw drivers
    • Universal chain tool
    • Spoke wrenches for 14g & 15g
    • 2 tire levers
    • Stainless knife
    • Bottle opener
    • T25 Torx wrench for disc brakes
    • 10mm Allen socket for Shimano’s new LX crank bolt and a compartment for two chain pins
    • Size: (LxWxH) 3.4″ x 1.7″ x 1.6″
    • Weight: 270g
  • As the tyre-levers on the Alien tool are not ideal for us, we carry additional tyre levers with us (blue).
  • The punture repair kit is a standard kit from Tip Top. Other than many of our fellow cyclists we do take the effort and repair a puncture instead of just changing the tube. This can save some money on longer journeys. Although we use the so-called indestructible tyres, we do face the occaisonal puncture. We also use “Mr. Tuffy”, a sturdy platic layer between tyre and tube.
  • The red spoke wrench from Spoky works much better than the one on the Alien multi tool. It is easier to handle between the spokes.


  • Handy pliers for the long tour: Pliers wrench from Knipex, medical forceps, strong long nosed pliers on the Swisstool from Victorinox
  • If you miss a pliers in the middle of nowhere you have a problem. Meanwhile we have this set of different pliers, of which we do not want to miss a single one. The pliers wrench from Knipex (no. 8603180) has even shoes to allow gripping as well as screwing or bending. It is 18 cm long with a span of 35 mm and weighs 250 g. If you do not want to carry many different open-end wrenches the Knipex is the tool of choice.
  • No. 2. is an operation forceps (titanium). We got it from a dutch cardiologist who thought this little tool might serve fellow campers when handling tiny things. In his hospital they rather through the tool away instead of sterilize it for the next operation. It is very handy as you can fix the pliers to keep it from opening.
  • The big pliers on the picture is a part of the Swiss Tool X from Victorinox. The pliers is strong and suitable for bigger repairs. It is a long-nosed combindes with a combi pliers and has pincers for two different wire strenghts. You can easyily nip off a shift cable.
  • Electrical equipmentElectrical equipment

    Electrical equipment

  • From top to bottom: Busch+Müller E-Werk, Ansmann universal battery charger, Anker powerbank. Pic. 2 (mouseover) shows the Anker solar panel.
  • The E-werk passes the energy from our SON hub dynamo into the powerbank. This works well as long as you cycle with enough speed (min 15 k/h). Riding long uphill stages can cause a problem though. That brought us to work with the solar panel from Anker. We fix it to the trailer with the powerbank stowed in the integrated pocket.
  • The panel works well even under overcast sky. The Ansmann universal battery charger is really a goody. Having to charge three different camera batteries (2x Canon, 1x GoPro) and batteries for navigation and headlights we save a lot of weight and space with this little device. And most important: it works! We charge the powerbank during the day ans plug in our phones and the battery charger onernight. Job done!
    Swisstool X Plus Victorinox in detail

    Swisstool X Plus Victorinox in detail

  • The Swisstool X Plus is a versatile and sturdy tool. Only downside may be the relatively high weight of 440 g.
  • The “Plus” stands for the bit torx set. It was not an easy decision to take such a heavyweight on tour with us, but there are so many useful features which an ordinary pocket knife does not have (especially the strong pliers!) Just think of a proper corkscrew – who would like to go without one?
  • The marketleaders Victorinox or Leatherman have a wide range of different models on offer.
  • Tools

    1. corkscrew // 2. needle-nosed pliers // 3. wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRC // 4. hard wire cutter // 5. blade, large // 6. scissors // 7. wood saw // 8. reamer, punch // 9. can opener // 10. screwdriver 3 mm // 11. bottle opener // 12. screwdriver 5 mm // 13. wire bender // 14. Phillips screwdriver 1 – 2 // 15. screwdriver 2 mm // 16. screwdriver 7.5 mm // 17. strong crate opener // 18. chisel 7 mm // 19. wire scraper // 20. wire stripper // 21. ruler (inches) // 22. lanyard hole // 23. ruler (cm) // 24. metal saw // 25. metal file // 26. bit Phillips 0 (Pozidrive) // 27. bit Torx 10 // 28. bit Torx 15 // 29. corkscrew


  • Net weight 440 g, stainless steel, heigh 49 mm, size 115 mm, blade lockable, bit key, leather belt pouch
  • The bitset turned out to be quite handy. There are parts at the bike where it is easier to work with this tool than with the Alien. And there is a tiny screwdriver integrated in the corkscrew. A nice add on for people wearing glasses.