Sport pants by Maier

This year we were able to test two pairs of trousers made by Maier. These long trousers are made of stretch fabrics. Being used to bike shorts we first thought, these trousers were not ideal for us, especially as you cannot zip-off the legs.

The sales staff at convinced us, that the zip-off-option is not always the best one. If you have pants like these, you can roll up the legs and fix them with a button. You will never miss the pant’s leg as it is always with you. We had the pants with us during our tour through the Caucasus. Ideal for early morning or late evening hours when it is a bit chilly. We often stayed on over 2,000 m altidude. But we also used the trousers to protect us against the burning sun. Dark colours are good on a tour as you hardly see any dirt on the fabric.

Odzun, Armenia

Whenever we entered a church or monastary, we just slipped the long trousers over our cycle shorts. Propper dress code in clerical buildings is a must, especially travelling as a guest in a country. Although some locals were more relaxed about this. The stretch allows an easy handling and it is very comfortable to wear even over the cycle shorts.

Since March 2017 we also ride velomobiles,  fully enclosed recumbent bikes.  The light summer trousers by Maier render their service even in cold temperatures as the velomobile give you a good shelter against the wind. It is much warmer in a velomobile than on a normal bike. And you do not need padded pants in the seats. Even with low temperatures we wear these trousers.

The Maier pants are part of our favourite clothes (not only) for cycling. They are comfortable and dry in the shortest time. Ideal for a lot of activities.