Trangia combined with Hexon by Edelrid

Trangia with fuel?

Normally we cook ourselves, unless we already had a warm meal during the day.  The cooker including dishes and food fills at least one front wheel bag. Being independant from restaurants gives you the chance to camp outside of towns. Only question is: Which is the best system? As we have a Trangia storm-proof stove since 1985 there was no need to buy something new. The Trangia is indestructible but we looked for a more powerful fuel or gas burner.

Multifuel cooker: Primus Omnifuel II

Our new star amongst the cookers

(sorry for the video being in German only, but it is probably pretty good understandable)

In may 2017 supplied us with the Primus Onmifuel II for a test. In combination with new hard anodized pots by Trangia and a foldable windshield the cooking gear is 500 g lighter than the prevoius one (Trangia, Edelrid Hexon Multifuel). In our little test at home (see video) the Primus cooker showed a better performance than the Edelrid. The manufacturing quality seems better, the pots stand secure on the three-pod and the fine tuning of the flame ist absolutly fabolous. But see by yourself.

The test on a daily basis will follow during the trip through the Caucasus 2017.