The tandem team

Two persons, one team. Man and woman. Tinkerer and thinker.

Our passion for tandem cycling motivated us to set up this page. We want to promote this wonderful way of travelling. The tandem bike is ideal to make sure that you  set off  and arrive together – always. Not only on a long journey but also on the quick day tour. There are few sports acitivities which enable two individuals on different performance levels to build a harmonic matching team. Tandem cycling is one of them.


  • 2014 - Estonia: Palmse Estate with historical bike

  • 2014 - Estonia: coffe break

  • 2012 - Austria: Schnitzel in Vienna

  • 2012 - Austria: Schönbrunn Caslte, Glorietta

  • 2015 - Corsica: dogtraining?

  • 2012 - Austria: maintaining the bottom bracket

  • 2014- Estonia: Lake Peipus

  • 2013 - Portugal: cool down in Sabugal

  • 2014 - Latvia: meeting Ron

  • 2013 - Portugal: sightseeing in Obidos

  • 2015 - Corsica: shopping

  • 2013 - Portugal: little nap near Duro river

  • 2015 - Corsica: lamb chops - delicoius!

  • 2013 - Portugal: cathedral in Batalha

  • 2013 - Portugal: Tango?

  • 2014 - Latvia: Happy Team

Captain and Stoker

Fritz Horsthemke

Fritz Horsthemke

Born 1962. Travelling by bike has always been my way on going on a journey. In the early years I used to explore Europe on a single bike. I have dreamed for quite a while about a tandem. Now, since a couple of years, I found my role as the captain on our tandem. It is definitivly more fun to ride the bike together instead of permanently drifting apart on single bikes. A team of single bikers is as strong as the weakest member. On a tandem you can compensate the different performance levels in the team. And that makes us faster than on two separate bikes. As the captain I have to steer, shift and break. Apart from pedalling, of course. Our tandem and trailer weighs about 100 kilos includung all gear. This makes it necessary that the strongest member of the team sits in the front saddle. But it is essential that my stoker supports me with pedalling.

Brigitte Stammschröer

Brigitte Stammschröer

Born 1960. My role is the stoker, which means that I cannot do anything but pedalling. No steering, no shifting and no chance to break whenever I think we are too fast. I have no overview over the street and I always look on to the back of the captain. Most people who learn about this would refuse to mount a tandem on the back seat. But have you ever thought about the advantages? I can look around and enjoy the scenery. I might even take a picture or make a little film. I do not have to bother about the traffic or anything else. I can pedal according to my strength without having to worry that the captain will ride away. Admitted – you have to have lots of confidence in your captain. But that makes a good team, doesn’t it?