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Alteration or reality

Why filter? Even the best  camera often faces difficulties to reflect the reality when the light situation is not ideal. We often were disappointed with the results and refrained from taking photos in complicated light circumstances. Until we learned that working with filters often leads to good results and allows more creativity.  Bulb exposure brings the factor time as additional dimension into the photographs.

Travelling tripod

Tripod from Togopod

Why carry a tripod on a journey? Heavy, bulky, useless? For many situations indeed. But… a lot of interesting pictures are not possible without a tripod:  atmospheric pictures with little light in the morning or at sunset, night photos, inside of buildings or caves,  bulb exposure, good selfies, panorama or even videos, etc.

Tandem on tour EN

As travellers we are interested in the experiences others make on their journeys through various contries. We also want to share our experiences with you. That is why we set up this page. We report about the encounters and features during our journeys. Furthermore we will share our practical knowledge regarding the equipment we use. In doing so we just report our personal subjective opinion as we are not bound to anyone.

If you like like to get in touch , you are welcomed to contact us. Maybe we meet on the way. We are alway happy to share travelling experience with others.


Brigitte and Fritz