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Tunnel tent Hilleberg Keron IV GT

Tunnel tent Hilleberg Keron IV GT

Charakteristics: At the time of purchase we paid ca. 1.400 €, ours may be a bit outdated, but it still serves us well / weight / pack size 55 x 25 cm.

  • We used this tent for our canoe tour in France. A bit oversized for two as it has the “GT”-extension, which means it provides a bigger apsis. The tent is made for max. 4 persons. With three it is really comfortable, Or two adults with two children. Due to the weight and the size, this tent is less suitable for bicycle trips. But it is a top quality tent which is, after all the years still fully functional. The apsis is 2 meters long, which allows to shelter two single bikes.
  • Dome tent Exped Mira IIIDome tent Exped Mira III

    Dome tent Exped Mira III

    Charaktistics: ca. 400 €, bought 2012/ 2-part dome tent with 2 entrances and 2 (small) apses / weight 2.400 g | pack size: 42 x 17 cm /

  • The Mira III accompained us through Austria, Portugal, Corsica and Italy. Said to be a 3-person-tent, we suggest max. 2 persons if you need to stow away some of your equipment. The weight and pack size are essential for cyclists. Regarding this the Mira III offers acceptable results.
  • The tent consist of an inner layer made of mesh fabric and the outer, waterproof layer. This construction makes it easy to dry. During very hot nights the thent allows you to leave off the outer tent for a maximum of fresh air.
    The disadvantages of this tent are the relatively small apses, which supply only limited space for baggage or further gear. And the outer tent does not reach down to the ground. If packed with stuff, you risk it to get wet in heavy rain.
    Regarding the ventilation this tent is absolutely superb. As it has two entrances the fresh air can flow through. The zips close tight, so no insects or ants have a chance to come in.

  • We always use a plastic foil from the DIY (vapour barrier) as ground sheet. They are strong and much cheaper as the ground sheets offered by the tent suppliers.
  • Tunnel tent: Helsport Fjellheimen Superlight Camp 3Tunnel tent: Helsport Fjellheimen Superlight Camp 3

    Tunnel tent: Helsport Fjellheimen Superlight Camp 3

    Charakteristics: 900 €, bought in 2015
    Tunnel tent with spaceful apsis, 1 entrance
    Weight:1.850 g | pack size: 18 x 35 cm |

  • First time we brought this tent was in 2015 on our 5-weeks tour through Romania. Our concerns that the very this fabric might not withstand the daily use, was unjustified. The tent does not show any tear. Only the pegs seemed a little bit too weak to us, so we changed them to stronger ones. Anoying is the zip of the inner tent. As it ends in the corner of the entrance, it has no chance to close tightly, with the result that we had to share the tent with hundreds of ants one night.They craweld in through the little gap. We let the manufacturer know about this. Hopefully they will amend it.
  • Helsport Fjellheimen Superlight 3Helsport Fjellheimen Superlight 3

    Helsport Fjellheimen Superlight 3

    The apsis is super. And the fact that the outside layer reaches down to the ground makes this tent a perfect companion for changing weather conditions. There is enough space for 2 persons and some of your equipment you would like to have inside the tent. Disadvantage of tunnel tents in general is the fact that they only have one entrance. Although the Helsport Fjellheimen has a clever ventilation system with little spacers which keep the ventilation holes open, a tunnel tent cannot supply the same amount of fresh air as a dome tent with two entrances. Weight and pack size are unbeatable for a proper 3-season-tent.

  • We always use a plastic foil from the DIY (vapour barrier) as ground sheet. They are strong and much cheaper as the ground sheets offered by the tent suppliers.
  • BedsBeds


    From left to right:

  • Sleeping bag Deuter Exosphere -8° (Brigitte), Deuter Exosphere -4° (Fritz), Thermarest, SeatoSummit mattress, SeatoSummit pillow
  • We are quite happy with our sleeping bags from Deuter. Of course the warmer one (blue) has a bigger pack size. If you prefer a down sleeping bag, you even can save a lot more space. But they are more sensitive against moisture.
    The two yellow bags show the difference between the Thermarest (left) and the SeatoSummit (right) sleeping mat. See next comment.

  • The tiny little thing on the right is the magnificient pillow. It is made of a kind of stretch fabric and it is really comfortable. With almost 40 € not the cheapest, but every cent worth. While Fritz uses some clothes as a pillow, I do not want to miss this “proper” pillow (see pic.2).
  • Beds: sleeping mat

    Beds: sleeping mat

  • You will find a significant difference if you compare the self-inflating Thermarest (left) with the SeatoSummit air mattress. The surface is almost the same but the pack size of the Thermarest is huge compared to the air mattress.
  • The Thermarest is said to be self inflating, but we always add some additional air. The SeatoSummit air-mattress needs to be inflated by you, but it is easy to manage.
  • Not only the pack size it superb, it also is packed away in seconds, whereas the Thermarest needs a couple of minutes to press out the air and pack it into the bag.
  • That is why we now have a second SeatoSummit mattress, leaving the Thermarest at home. Only downside might be that the air mattress is more noisy when you turn over during the night.