Ortlieb water sack

Ortlieb water sack

Our Ortlieb 10-l water sack with shower adapter is a handy tool for the daily shower, laundry and dish washing.

As we often camp outside of campsites we have no facilities available. But we do not want to miss our daily shower afer a long days ride. The 10-litre bag holds enough water for the evening. When empty we fold it to a small pack. Only downside is, that the water transpoort on the bike is difficult as the top has the Ortlieb “roll closure” which is not watertight. But there are other options available, see the Ortlieb homepage.
If we have no access to tap water we use bottled water for cooking, but for the shower we can always take water from every lake or river.

Cooking: Trangia plus  Hexon

Cooking: Trangia plus Hexon

If you are searching for a multi fuel cooker and already have a Trangia cooker set, you can easily combine the two systems.

  • Our Trangia storm cooker is from 1985. It seems to be indistructable. 2 pots, a little water kettle, the pan and the windshield are stacked inside each other to save packing space. The cooker stands secure even on uneven surface. This system is a spirit stove which has some drawbacks: You can’t get spirit everywhere. In Portugal, for example, we often had to go to a pharmacy, which was quite expensive. And the spirit leaves black soot stains on the pots which makes washing-up annoying. And last but not least, you can get more heat out of a fuel cooker.
  • So we got one of the new multi fuel cookers. Fuel is available everywhere. With the Hexon multi fuel cooker from Edelrid, we just sawed a hole for the fuel pipe into the bottom element. This gave us the chance to still use the advantages of the Trangia and also enjoy the better performance of the fuel cooker. But when using a fuel cooker you need to consider that fuel is much louder than the spirit fire.
  • Cleaning the Hexon cooker:
    The first nozzle we used was often clogged, maybe due to poor quality fuel. With the new nozzle it seems to work much better. But we still need to clean it once a day. That is annoying, if you use the cooker at least twice a day, as we do.
  • Combustibles for Hexon from Edelrid

    Combustibles for Hexon from Edelrid

    If you use clean petrol (white gas) you should have no problems with a clogged nozzle. But found white gaz neither in Corsica nor in Romania. Normal fuel from the filling station leeds inevitably to clogged nozzles after a while. Which means that you have to clean it on a regular base.

    We tried diluter (thinner) once. With the result that it softened the sealing.

    Primus Omnifuel II

    In May 2017 we received a Primus Omnifuel II from outdoor dealer Bergzeit.de for testing. Together with new hard anodized pots from Trangia and a foldable windshield our cooking equipment is 500 gr. lighter than before, when we used Trangia pots and the Hexon Multifuel from Edelrid. The Primus stove makes a good first impression to us regarding the manufacturing quality, stability, functions and fine control. The test on daily basis is due in a couple of weeks on our Caucasus trip (summer 2017).

    Review Stoves


    Helinox "Chair One" and a three legged stool

    Charakteristics: 116 €,
    Weight: 960 g | pack size: 35x10x12 cm |

    I (Brigitte) am too old now to sit on the ground or our bags. So I got myself this really comfortable chair from Helinox. Fritz still votes for his stool but I sometimes catch him trying to get hold of the Helinox. Admitted, the stool is half as heavy but the chair is more than double comfortable. I do not want to miss it anymore.

  • The picture shows us two at the dinner table (Bob Ibex trailer upside down) in front of the ipmpressive backdrop of the Carpatian mountains in Romania.

    Our trailer-table-combination

    Our trailer-table-combination

    Suspended trailer Bob Ibex with double function.

    • Super cross-country capable trailer with four bottle holders
    • With two stainless steel poles we use the trailer upside down as a table. A piece of water hose on the front part of the frame keeps it from being scratched when turned upside down.
    • Normally we use a wax tablecloth to keep away the street’s dirt from our dishes.

    Details on the overlay image. Move the mouse over the picture.