Dome tent Exped Mira III

Our first dome tent

Which tent is the best? It should be light-weight, spacious, low pice, rain-proof,  well ventilated, able to stand without pegs and quick drying.  Nice to have. You obiously need to compromize. Our first mutual tent was the Mira III by Exped.

Characteristics: ca. 400 €, bought 2012/ 2-persons dome-tent with 2 entrances and 2 very small apses  / weight: 2.400 g | pack-size: 42 x 17 cm

The Mira III accompanied us through Austria, Portugal, the Baltic States, Corsica and Italy. It is said to be a 3-persons-tent but we consider it for maximum 2 persons if you want to take some gear (cameras, valuables etc.) inside. Weight and pack-size are important for cyclists. The Mira III shows an acceptable performance.

The tent consists of two layers. The inside is a 50%-mesh fabric and ribstop nylon, the outside is a PU-covered ribstop nylon. The two separate layers make is easier to dry. In very hot nights you can leave away the outer layer. But mostly it is sufficient to just open the apses.

A drawback are the small apses which take very little of you baggage. The outside tent does not reach to the ground. In heavy rain you risk  the stuff sored in the apses getting wet.

The ventilation is great. Due to the two entrances and the mesh fabric you can let plenty of air go through. The zips close tightly, no chance for ants or insects to come inside. As a dome tent it only needs a few pegs.

We use a vapour barrier foil from the DIY as a base. It is stronger, waterproof and much cheaper than the groundsheets from tent-manufacturers. Foils with heat reflecting coating are also available.


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