Field test Primus Omnifuel II

Our best stove

Our expieriences with the Primus Omnifuel II.

Primus Omnifuel II at the Suleyman Pass, Armenia




Bergzeit gave us this stove for testing. Still at home we compared it with our previous stoves and found out that the Primus stove is superior to  them. It is easy to use, brings water to boil is less time and has other clever details. See this  post for more information .


  1. Much quicker than a spirit stove, including warm up phase.  (Trangia Spirit 12:30 min, Primus Omnifuel II 6:15 min.)
  2. With a foldable windshield and lid you can reduce the boiling time for about 3 min.
  3. The Primus has two fuel controllers. A gross one at the fuel bottle and a fine one directly on the stove.
  4. The stove has a very good stability and the pots do not slide on the frame.
  5.  During our 6-weeks-journey the Omnifuel II never clogged at all, although we only used regular petrol from the service stations in the Caucasus (Georgia, Aserbaidschan, Armenia). We once blew through the hose (by using our bicycle pump) to clean it, but no dirt was visible.
  6. Clever details. The Omnifuel II comes with three nozzles, which are securely screwed on the stove.  One for petrol, one for gas and the third one for spirit.This prevents them from getting lost on the way. The deflector plate is fixed to the stove by a spring, again a means avoiding the loss.
  7. The pump sticks diagonal in the bottle. Thus it reaches the ground and is capable to suck the complete fuel out of the bottle. As soon as you turn the bottle into the “off” mode the pump sucks air and brings the stove to a quicker stop.
  8. The whole set including stove, windshield and pump is lighter than the others we used. Compared to the big Trangia  about 180 g and to the the Multifuel Hexon by Edelrid almost 500 g.


The Primus Omnifuel is more expensive than the Trangia. But if you combine the Hexon Multifuel with the Trangia (as we did) there is no difference in price anymore.

Our experiences with the Primus are  throughout positive. Having read about multifuel stoves being frequently clogged, we must say that this problem never occured with the Primus Multifuel II. We do not know how much impact the quality of the petrol has on this. We used the Hexon stove (frequetnly clogged) on our trips in Corsica, Romania, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Most of these countries should have reasonable clean petrol.

Primus Omnifuel II


The Primus stove worked well although it had a leaking pump. When in use petrol leaked out at the pump piston. The perfomance seemed to be a bit lower, but was not significant. We could not solve the issue on the way but when back home Primus replaced the pump without discussion.

Over all we are more than happy with the Primus Omnifuel II stove. We will definitvely take it with us on the next trip. It works reliable for us and is easy to handle.


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