Tunnel tent: Helsport Fjellheimen Superlight Camp 3

Light-weight tunnel tent

After a few trips with the Exped Mira III we searched for some improvements. Especially more protection against driving rain and  bigger apses. And if the tent would even be lighter, we could be very happy. So we agsin looked for a suitable candidate and bought the tunnel tent Fjellheimen Superlight Camp 3 by Helsport.

Characteristics: bought 2015 for 900 €. It is a tunnel tent with one spacious apses and only one entrance. The Mira III has 2 entrances and 2 small apses. Weight and pac size of the Helsport: 1.850 g, 18 x 35 cm.


We used this tent for our 5-weeks-trip through Romania the first time. Our thoughts that the very thin fabric would not resist the daily use were not justified. The tent showed not damage at all. The outside layer reaches well to the ground so nothing inside gets wet.

Drawback: The pegs seem to be a bit weak, so we exchanged them against stronger ones. Anoying is the zip which does not close thightly so we had to share the tent with hundreds of ants one night. They crawled in throgh the little gap. We informed the supplier hoping that they will amend this. We help ourselves by stuffing some fabric into the gap.

The apses is superb. The fact that the tent closes down to the ground makes it ideal for changing weather conditions. There is enough of space for 2 persons including the things you want to go inside a well. You can clip out the inner tent and push it back, so you have space to sit and eat in the apses while it is raining outside.

Downside: Only one entrance. Although the Helsport Fjellheimen has a clever ventilation system with little spacer bars wich keep the ventilation holes open, it cannot supply you with the same amount of fresh air a dome tent offers. But the weight and the pack size are unbeatable for a 3-season-tent.

We always use a vapour barrier-foil from the DIY as a base. It is stronger, waterproof and much cheaper than the groundsheets from tent manufacturers.


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