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Vaude Mountainbike shoes

fahrrad24.de  equipped us with these mountainbike shoes (Kelby for gents and Aresa for ladies).

We had been looking for shoes which were not only good for cycling but which we could also wear for walking.  We were a bit skeptical about them.

Up to now we rather wore racing bike shoes. Even though ours used to be a bit softer and with more tread than the ones race bikers wear. But anyway they had the looks of a race bike shoe. The Vaude shoes are miles away from that. We did not really like the look of this shoe at the beginning.

From the first day we felt the comfort and the secure grip this shoe offers. Streets as well as the offroad areas in the Caucasus require a good shoe, especially if you tend to twist your angle due to weak ligaments.

So we were persuaded to give these shoes a try. Which is not without risk as you cannot carry more than one pair due to limited space in your bags.

Meanwhile we are convinced by the shoe. When climping a rough slope or wandering through high grass searching for the ideal perspective for the next photo, we want to be able to rely on a secure grip of our shoes. And we like to wear the shoe all day long without seeking to get rid of it. The lacing in combination with the velcro fasteners are very flexible . The mesh fabric offers enough ventilation even in higher temperatures, although they are not comparable with sandals. Finally, and this is the major point, the shoes are great for pedalling. The SPD klicks fasten secure in the pedals. The soles are stiff enough to bring the power to the pedal. And even when pulling, i.e. on the recumbent bike, the shoes perform well. They are delivered with closed sole and the klick-adapters. You can decide at the beginning whether you want to add the klicks or not. If so, you just cut out a pre-defined area of the sole and screw in the klicks.

We both like the Vaude shoes best. Whenever we go out for a ride, they are first choice for us. For tour cyclists these alrounders are ideal, as you only need a pair of sandals and/or flipflops for the shower apart from them.



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